Car Video Rear View Monitors, Cameras & Kits

Car Rear View Monitors, Cameras, and Kits

Backup cameras can be a great safety feature to have in your vehicle. If your vehicle doesn’t have this feature, it can be added by using a backup camera kit. Here are some questions that may come up when trying to choose a car camera.

What features can a backup camera have?

Here are some features you should consider when choosing a backup camera kit for your car:

  • Automatic system switching: When you put the vehicle in reverse, this feature will automatically turn on the rear backup camera.
  • Wide-angle field of view: Many backup camera kits will have a field of view of up to 90 degrees. This can be sufficient for smaller cars, but kits with a FOV of 110 to 120 degrees can provide added coverage for larger vehicles.
  • Camera image sensor: The two main car camera options available will be CCD and CMOS image sensors. CCD camera sensors generally have a high image resolution and can function well in both low-light and bright conditions. This can make them helpful as dash cams as well.
What types of displays are available for rearview camera kits?

Selecting the right display for your vehicle is just as important as choosing the right camera. Here are some options for selecting a backup camera display:

  • Screen size: If you’re installing a backup camera kit on the rear of any vehicle bigger than a car, you will want a display that is no smaller than 5 inches. Larger displays can provide added detail to help you back up.
  • Monitor type: Displays come in LCD or CRT. LCD displays are often thin so that they can be mounted in a variety of places. LCD displays can also have HD playback as well. CRT monitors will generally be used in gray-screen or green-screen systems.
  • Display mounts: Some in-car places you can mount a display include the dashboard, as a replacement for the rearview mirror, and near the sun visor. Mounting the camera in these places also gives you a view inside of the car.
What are some tips for selecting a backup camera kit?

Here are some tips for selecting a backup camera kit for your vehicle:

  • Select by your vehicle's size: The larger your vehicle, the wider an angle you will want on a camera lens. The camera should cover at least a 90-degree angle.
  • Select by camera connection type: You can find both wired and wireless camera kits. Both options may also have recording functions, too.
  • Select based on compatible features: What features you can get depend on what kind of car you have. Not all car cameras fit in every car. Some possible features in both rearview cameras and dash cams include colour picture, auto-adjusting brightness, and night vision.
What is the difference between wired and wireless camera kits?

Wireless cameras can be helpful if you want to cut down on wiring; just remember that wireless cameras still require a power source. These cameras utilize an antenna to send the video to the display. These can be helpful as backup cameras since the distance between the rear of a vehicle and the front of it can be sizable. Wired camera kits require some extra wiring but can provide a stable video signal that is less likely to cut out. This could be helpful if the camera is a dash cam.