Australia is a great place for a road trip. Endless highways through remote areas make it especially suitable for caravan trips. Its a bucket list for many to give up their job and hit the road in a 4x4 with the caravan on the back, to explore this great land of ours at leisure. If you are a caravanning enthusiast, planning a long or short trip, eBay can help you find accessories for your caravan to make the trip a beauty.

Caravan legs

You want to make sure that when you set your caravan up at the camp site, you have everything you need. A set of caravan legs is essential. Corner legs or steadies, as caravaners call them, are designed to stop the caravan tipping as you move around inside. They come in two styles - wind down or drop down. On the road, the caravan legs tuck into the chassis of the van horizontally. Once parked, you either wind them down into position or pull them down and angle them to the terrain.

Caravan stabilisers

The caravan stabiliser is another option for stabilising your vehicle. Caravan stabilisers are generally sold in sets of four and remain unattached from your caravan until its time to use them. Once parked, you place the stabilisers under the van and wind them up to meet the chassis at the strongest points. Make sure you also buy a caravan jack so you can elevate the van when needed.

Off the road

At home, its important to keep your caravan sheltered from the elements. You can buy a caravan cover to keep your caravan protected from rain and prevent rust. Look for water resistant and UV protecting fabrics for extra protection.

Before you hit the road, visit eBay for your caravan accessories so you can keep your machine in great working order.