Card Making Supplies

Card Making Supplies

Crafting a handmade card can mean a great deal to the recipient. It's also a fun way to express yourself creatively as well as customise greetings for numerous occasions, including birthdays, weddings, holidays or anniversaries. You can also enhance cards using decorations, such as adhesive stickers, die cuts and other embellishments, that help to ensure that no two cards are the same.

Cardstock and Envelopes

Every card begins with the basics, which means cardstock. Cardstock is heavy, durable paper meant for crafting greeting cards. Cardstock comes in many colours, ranging from natural kraft to bold purple, orange, green or red. You can purchase cardstock that's already the right size for cards or purchase cardstock in sheets that you can trim and cut yourself to the right size. You can also use matching envelopes that fit your cards perfectly for a professional look. Cardstock comes in a wide range of designs, including patterned, textured or metallic options, and is used for scrapbooking and many other crafts in addition to card making.

Card Making Stickers

One easy way to enhance your handmade cards is by using stickers. Easy to apply via adhesives, stickers come in a wide range of types and designs, from three-dimensional stickers to sparkling stickers embellished with gemstones. Some well-known sticker brands to consider include Jolee's Boutique, Creative Memories and Sticko. Stickers vary in size and range from basic shapes and styles to detailed designs that feature assorted textures, colours and features.

Card Making Die Cuts

Die cuts are made from paper and are used to design many crafts, ranging from cards to scrapbooks and invitations. Some die-cut brands to consider include Stampin' Up!, Sizzix and Creative Memories. Die cuts add texture and dimension to cards, and they come in many designs that include holiday-themed options, shapes such as hearts and stars, letters, numbers and multiple themes, such as the beach or travel. You can buy die cuts in themed packages or purchase individual designs to make your cards come to life.

Card Making Tools

When you're shopping for card-making supplies, don't forget the tools of the trade. These include double-sided tape, craft scissors and cutters, decoupage materials and hole punches of various sizes. You can even create your own die cuts by using a die cut or embossing machine, and pick up markers or coloured pens to inscribe the inside of your cards and make them more personal. Rubber stamps liven up blank cards, and ribbons add a festive touch as well.