Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Get organised easily with cardboard boxes

While cardboard boxes only have one job, it is vital that they do it well. There's nothing worse than packing a box, only to have it fall apart when you're halfway to your car. Running out of space when you're packing is also highly annoying. Having a good stash of boxes means you can sort your items into categories, rather than having to throw everything together in a cluttered mess.

Boxes for fragile goods

If you're packing fragile items, you want to do your best to prevent breakages. If you get cardboard boxes lined with bubble wrap, you can rest easy knowing they should be in exactly the same state you last saw them in when you unpack them at the other end. Extra bubble wrap and other shipping and cushioning supplies are a great way of making sure your goods are packed securely.

Cardboard boxes which are heavily labelled as Fragile are available, and also indicate the correct way to position the box so that you don't end up opening your precious plates and cups to find they are all upside down.

Packaging for the post office

When you're sending important documents such as your passport or wedding certificate, you certainly don't want these to be damaged. Cardboard letter mailers are great for ensuring your items remain protected on the journey. You can also find shrinkwrap, sticky tape, and other packaging and shipping supplies you need on eBay.

Tidy your office

Being able to quickly reference your study notes or other materials when you need to is important. Having to stop what you're doing and sift through stacks of paper on the floor is a great way to waste time and interrupt your workflow. A4-sized boxes come in a range of sizes and can be easily stacked on a shelf.

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