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Cardio Equipment

The use of cardio equipment for physical fitness is very beneficial. With it, you give your heart a good workout. It is healthy to increase your heart to its targeted heart rate and to keep it beating at that rate for at least fifteen minutes. When you do this on a regular basis, you make a habit of allowing a free flow of oxygen throughout your body. This does a lot for your health and weight conditions. It’s also a great stress reliever. It’s good to have cardiovascular exercise reps regularly each week. It’s even better if you personally invest in some of these machines and exercisers. Many companies sell cardio equipment online. You can find Genki cardio equipment, YORK cardio equipment and a lot more brands with their own product offerings. You can set up a home gym even with limited space. Sports fitness equipment of late is becoming more compact and lightweight for easy set-up and storage.


Treadmills allow you to do your walking, running and jogging indoors. To have one in your home fosters regularity and discipline since you can exercise your heart at a definite time each day. There’s no need to wait on good weather or even a companion. You can do your thing right in your own home. Treadmills have various settings. You can choose the speed you like to exert. It’s good to start slow then gradually increase the pace. You can also adjust the incline or decline. Lifespan sells different kinds of treadmills. The brand offers home treadmills, medical treadmills and commercial treadmills. The Lifespan Fitness model features a 1.5 CHP EverDrive motor that keeps your treadmill running for as long as you want it to. You can choose from three levels of incline. The copper coils are AAA grade and the bearings are sealed. It has a silent fan for temperature management. It also has a large motor casing to reduce noise and vibration during operation.

Vibration Cardio Fitness Machines

Vibration cardio fitness machines increases the circulation of blood and thereby increases oxygenation. These stimulate the muscles and improve lymph flow. They help aid in weight loss, enabling you to burn about 170 calories within five minutes of stepping onto the vibration plate. Different brands sell their own version of vibration machines. You have the Energyfit vibration machine. You also have the Norflex Vibration Platform Body Shaper.