Cards Against Humanity

The party game for horrible people is alive and well on eBay.Find expansion packs and the original game at great prices! 

Nothing gets the party going like a game of Cards Against Humanity. The most despicable and awkward card game to ever exist is wrong in every way, but oh boy is it a lot of fun. What began as a simple crowdfunding idea has turned into a worldwide phenomenon with friends everywhere trying to be the grossest and funniest of their group! 

 Find a range of Cards Against Humanity Booster Packs on eBay including the Food Pack, Weed Pack and Period Pack. Youll never get sick of playing this game with a continual rotation of new and downright terrible things to say to your friends! Keep an eye on eBay for new packs as they get released and grow your game into the ultimate laugh-fest. 

Bring things a little closer to home with the Cards Against Humanity Australian Edition. If the American references in the original game had you confused, this is the edition for you. Youll be able to create all sorts of horrible situations with our National animals and pastimes that will have you and your friends in literal tears! 

Cards Against Humanity is easy to play, one player asks a question from a black card, and give the funniest answer they can with a white card. The asker of the question chooses the winner each round based on the most hilarious - or disgusting - response. Fun for hours, great for parties or quiet nights with friends.