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Cargo nets to contain your load

If you need to haul a load any distance in an open-backed truck or on your roof, you'll need an ultra-safe, reliable way of keeping that load buckled down. A heavy duty cargo net is designed with this problem in mind as it is easy to use, and strong enough to fix in place securely.

Smart, simple, and effective

On eBay, you will find small cargo nets that can fit a car roof rack, or larger ones to fit a trailer or open-back truck. Most are made from an elastic mesh similar to a bungie cord, enabling you to ensure your load is tightly packed and held in place.

The cargo nets then fix into place with simple hooks that attach to the outside of your trailer, roof rack, or truck. A cargo net is simplistic, but there's nothing more effective for securing a load for transit. The good thing is that these nets are pretty quick to undo, so if you realise you actually want something that has been packed on your vehicle's roof, it's not a huge deal if you want to grab it.

Choosing the right net for your load

The cargo you are transporting, and the mode for transporting it, should dictate which cargo net you purchase. The net should match the size of your trailer, but the size of the mesh also needs to contain your load effectively.

For example, if you are hauling a load of thin bamboo shoots, choose a cargo net with a more tightly woven mesh, in order to prevent the shoots from coming loose and slipping through the gaps. Alternatively, you could cover smaller items with a tarp, before you put your cargo net on. This can also help to prevent the net from catching any hooks on your load, allowing for easy net removal and protection from the rain.