Popular Carhartt Products

If you’re looking for a clothing brand that blends rugged American style with casual, comfortable streetwear and activewear, you don’t need to look much further than Carhartt. Beginning way back in 1889, the Carhartt Company began manufacturing denim overalls, moving into the manufacture of military uniforms during the first two World Wars, and eventually becoming the versatile, trendy clothing company they are today.

With such a storied history, one thing is for certain – Carhartt really know what they’re doing when it comes to manufacturing purpose-designed yet fashionable clothing. The diversity of the range is evidence of this, taking in shirts, activewear, pants, shorts, jeans, coats, jackets and a wide range of accessories. Why not explore the Carhartt range today?

Carhartt Shirts

There’s an incredible range of clothing to keep that top half of your body covered when it comes to Carhartt shirts. It really doesn’t matter what your style is – there’s every chance you’ll find something that suits your personality in the huge selection on offer.

You’ll find plenty of long sleeve and short sleeve options in the button-up shirt range, with heaps of cool designs and prints. Some are clearly suited to looking your best when you hit the town, and others are more understated, and are even suitable for a casual work environment.

If you just want superior fabrics and comfortable design without the flair, there’s a range of classy polo shirts to choose from also. The most extensive variety comes in the Carhartt t-shirt range, as there really is something for everyone here. From the simple, plain colour t-shirt to stripes, logo shirts and even fashionable graphic prints, you’ll love what you find browsing through this varied collection.

You’ll also find plenty of cut types, sizes and even some long sleeve options for when the weather gets a bit cooler.

Cover the legs with Carhartt

The pants on offer from Carhartt exemplify their history of creating functional, comfortable clothing that can be worn for work and on more casual occasions. If you like stylish chino style pants there’s a great range of high-quality items on offer. Carhartt also makes plenty of different styles when it comes to 5-pocket pants made from denim and other fabrics too.

For a more casual look, there’s cargo pants galore and leisure pants that you can just kick back and relax in any day of the week. But where Carhartt really shines is in their enormous array of work pants. Combining functionality, stylish design and impeccable craftsmanship, these work pants won’t leave you wishing you’d shopped elsewhere.

Carhartt’s industrial and working class history is well and truly on display in the Carhartt shorts range as well, offering a huge variety for all occasions. Whether you want comfortable leisure shorts or longer cargo options or you want something a little more formal like chino shorts or tougher options made for work, Carhartt have got you covered. They’ve even got a cool range of swim shorts!

Men’s Coats and Jackets

As much as we’d all love an endless summer, the reality is the weather has to cool down eventually. But that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself up inside for the winter. If you like getting out and about but still want to look your best in the colder months, you should check out this great range of Carhartt coats and jackets.

Carhartt’s jackets are of the absolute highest quality, manufactured for tough American conditions, so you know they’re ready to withstand anything. There’s a range of styles to choose from, generally split between hooded and non-hooded, but what ties them all together is the warmth and durability you won’t find with your everyday jacket options.

There’s even vest options when you just want that little bit of extra warmth without the bulk and heaviness of a full jacket. You’re bound to find a style that suits you in the Carhartt range, so get shopping now before the cold weather sets in!

Get active in style

Carhartt isn’t all about tough, durable gear that’s great for work. Because we all know that life can’t just be all about work. We need to get active and have fun in the outdoors too, and that’s exactly where you can get yourself into some quality Carhartt activewear.

With a range of awesome hoodies in a variety of styles – zips, no zips, pockets, and several different designs - you can rest assured you’re going to look your best when you next stroll into the gym. The beauty with the activewear on offer from Carhartt is they’re so well made and look great, so even if you’re not particularly sporty, there’s nothing stopping you from stepping out in some awesome sportswear just for comfort!

Bags and accessories

What would a clothing brand be without a range of funky accessories to go with all those great clothes? Carhartt has a range of hats in cap, bucket styles and even beanies to complement the rest of your outfit. They’ve even got sunglasses, so you don’t have any worries about staying sun-safe when you’re enjoying summer.

After an association with the skateboarding fraternity in years gone by, they even manufacture their own signature decks!

Perhaps the most popular items in the accessories range though, is the selection of Carhartt backpacks and bags. When you’re heading out for the day or night, Carhartt have got you covered with a range of highly functional backpacks, built for a variety of uses no matter what activities you’ve got on the go. There’s also plenty of tote bags, over-the-shoulder varieties and even super handy hip bags.

Rugged clothing for work and play

One thing is for certain; when you shop through the Carhartt men’s clothing range, you’re going to finding the highest quality in every item you buy. With the company’s history working in the military field, you know they’ve got a strong focus on making durable clothing that’s really built to last in even the toughest conditions.

So, if you need something that looks great for both work and play, and really lasts the distance, you’re going to love what you find while browsing through the eBay’s Carhartt clothing section.