Caroma Toilet Seats


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Caroma Toilet Seats

Known for high-quality sinks, fittings and toilets, Caroma also manufacturers reputable toilet seats. When you find that you have a worn-out or broken toilet seat, it's sometimes easy to just purchase the seat alone and replace it with a new model, and Caroma makes multiple types of toilet seats to fit any number of the brand's toilets.

Toilet Seat Types

When it comes to purchasing Caroma toilet seats, there are multiple types from which to select. There are elongated seats, which are compatible with elongated toilet bowls, while other seat types include round, detachable, open-front commercial seats, junior seats and cube seats. These vary in size as well as in material, and though some seat types work on multiple bowls, some only work on specific types of toilets, so verify that you're purchasing the right seat for your toilet as you make your selection.

Toilet Seat Features

You can consider a variety of features when you browse Caroma toilet seats, as some of the features that the brand offers include soft-close designs that don't make noise when you shut the toilet lid, or snap-on seats that are easy to remove when cleaning. Some Caroma seats are equipped with Germguard, which creates a more hygienic experience. Adjustable fittings make it easy to install and remove toilet seats, and seats that are lightweight make less noise and are easy to work with. Some toilet seats use universal fittings for a fast-and-quick installation experience, and top-fixing toilet seats means installation and maintenance goes by quickly, not to mention that the toilets are a snap to clean as well. Commercial seats have a heavy-duty design that's meant to last and hinges that keep the seat in a permanently-raised position.

Toilet Seat Materials

Caroma creates toilet seats using several different materials, and some of these include sturdy Thermoplastic, traditional plastic or even wood for a more vintage look. Metal hinges are meant for a long-lasting toilet seat, while some models offer a heavy-duty plastic hinge system that blends in with the colour of the toilet seat. Some seats even have a moulded design for added comfort.

Toilet Seat Colours and Supplies

You can select a toilet seat that works with the colour of your existing toilet bowl and other bathroom fixtures. Some Caroma toilet colours to pick from include white or an off-white shade known as ivory, while some wooden seats may be brown in colour. Though some Caroma toilets come with fittings included, you may need to purchase fittings to complete the installation of the toilet seat. Fittings required usually include nuts and bolts, as well as hinges in some cases.