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Give your bathroom the quality it deserves with Caroma

Caroma is an iconic Australian company with stunning bathrooms and kitchens of distinctly Australian designs. Most people would at some point have seen the Caroma name, whether it be on a toilet or a bathroom sink. But the reality is, there's so much more to the brand. Whatever you need to upgrade your bathroom, Caroma is likely to have the perfect solution for you.

All your bathroom needs in one place

With a significant focus on water conservation, Caroma can help you achieve their dream bathroom and kitchen with their beautiful, high-quality pieces. Put a personal touch on your home with Caroma, which has a range of products designed for Australians of different tastes and needs. From classic to artisanal styles, smart design, and sustainable innovation, Caroma helps you create the sanctuary of your dreams. With over 75 years of experience making Australian bathrooms look stunning, Caroma is a bathroom designer you can trust.

A diverse range of products

Revitalise yourself every day with a new shower head from Caroma which lets you combine indulgence and functionality with great looks to make your shower as enjoyable as it is gorgeous. Pair your pieces with wall mixers or tap assemblies and complete your bathroom style to feel like you are stepping into a haven every morning. Caroma can supply everything you need!

The same ethos applies to Caroma toilets with a range of seats and pans that are made from high-quality materials including robust metal hinges and solid-section compression-moulded styles. Caroma toilet seats are designed with your comfort in mind.

Caroma sinks and basins

Many people might be surprised how easy it is to remove and replace an existing sink or basin in your bathroom. With just a little handy work, you can change the whole look and feel of your bathroom with a sleek, modern basin design from Caroma. From square designs to rounded simplicity, these sinks and basins are great value for those looking to renovate without a big budget.

Bathroom accessories you'll love

Add a touch of class to your bathroom with a few simple improvements that go a long way. Refurbishing a bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms in a house. However, if you are on a bit of a budget, there is plenty you can do to spruce up a bathroom without breaking the budget.

For example, right here on eBay, you can find a vast range of smaller bathroom accessories like towel racks, showerheads or even taps. These smaller items don't cost much, are easy to install, and can add a little sparkle to your otherwise tired old bathroom.

If you are just looking for individual pieces to update your bathroom or undergoing a total renovation, look to Caroma to provide you with comfort, style, functionality, and water conservation to make your home the very best it can be. Find a range of replacement parts or new pieces on eBay today and have them shipped to your home ready to enhance its beauty.