Carpet cleaners for home and industrial deep cleaning

Your carpets can accumulate stubborn dust and dirt that regular vacuum cleaners may struggle to remove. To give your carpets a thorough deep clean, invest in a proper carpet cleaner to wash and dry your floors. 

There's a huge range of carpet cleaners available on eBay suitable for homes, cars, upholstery and even professional cleaning services such as car valeting. 

Carpet cleaner sizes and models

Search through this wide selection of new, used, and manufacturer and seller refurbished carpet cleaners and you'll find a variety of well known brands available like Vax, BISSELL and Kärcher. Common options include 4 in 1 multi functional wet and dry vacuum cleaners, carpet washers and blowers and pet formula cleaners. 

Carpet cleaners come in a range of sizes to suit your cleaning needs and will effectively lift dust and dirt to refresh your carpet and your home. 

Popular 10kg tub models are available, or you can look out for models based on power, ranging from 501 1000 watt to 2001 2500 watt cleaners. If you're looking for something small and easy to use, opt for a portable or handheld cleaner, ideal for dirty carpet spots or cleaning upholstery and cars. 

Special carpet cleaning features include long reach hoses for stairs and hard to reach places, extra water tank capacities and integrated vacuum and carpet cleaners. You can also find heavy duty models that are ideal for industrial cleaning purposes and car valeting. Many carpet cleaners also come with attachments and detergents. 

Carpet cleaner accessories

You can also find a selection of carpet cleaner accessories and parts on eBay. Stock up on carpet cleaner shampoo, which often comes in bundles for added convenience. If your carpet cleaner needs new or replacement parts, you can buy spare hoses, filters, attachments, and cleaning heads. For those looking for more specialist cleaning products, search for irons and steam cleaners.