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Carrera Slot Cars

Carrera Slot Cars

Carrera has been the leading manufacturer of slot cars since the 1960s, with a range that always leads in innovation and quality. Their line features slot cars and racetracks designed for the entire family and to suit all ages, with many popular car brands and models available. Carrera offers slot cars and tracks for beginner racers and professionals, meaning no matter your skill level you’ll always find something fun and exciting to enjoy.


The range of racetracks made by Carrera is just as impressive as their slot cars, with designs and styles to suit every type of driver. They come in either digital or analogue modes, with most newer varieties featuring the digital upgrades. There are tracks available for Carrera 1:43 slot cars and 1:32, and you can purchase these on their own or as a set with all the parts you need.

Kid’s Cars

This iconic brand is famous for creating slot cars for kids, with some featuring their favourite characters onboard. The Disney and Pixar Cars range comes with all of their racing heroes and a track full of loops and fly-overs so that your kids can enjoy their own adventure with these cars. Their full range of kids slot cars start from age three and up so it’s never too early to get your children in on the action.

Scale Models

Carrera’s line of slot cars all come to scale, with the 1:32 scale slot cars being the most popular. For collectors of cars like the Ferrari range or the Red Bull Racing Team, these offer the chance to have perfectly scaled models of your favourite cars so you can enjoy the thrill of racing for yourself.

Carrera Accessories

Carrera offer a number of accessories for your slot car tracks to make them even more lifelike. There are items like buildings, bridges, grandstands and VIP floors so you can recreate the perfect racing atmosphere. Carrera also makes figures to adorn the track and other areas like pit girls, fans, mechanics, and more.