Cases, Bags and Covers for GoPro Cameras

Dive into your Next Adventure with Go Pro

Designed to withstand the roughest and toughest conditions, GoPro cameras have changed the way we view action sports. Whether its skydiving or mountain biking, snowboarding or base jumping, the GoPro is designed to go wherever you go, capturing the most exciting footage from your most exciting adventures. However, there are some places your GoPro cant go alone. Just like you need a snow jacket to stay warm in the snow, your GoPro needs a little extra protection on some of your adventures.

Which is where the GoPro housing comes in. A GoPro housing is designed to add an extra element of toughness and protection, so that no matter what daring feats you face, your GoPro will be right there with you. For scuba divers and snorkelers, a GoPro waterproof housing is a must-have. Slim and lightweight, these underwater camera cases and housings provide a watertight casing that protects the GoPro from water damage, while still allowing it to take great shots. But its not just divers who can get in on the action, this type of waterproof housing can work just as well when surfing or jet skiing, boating or kite boarding.

Choosing a GoPro Housing

With a huge range of GoPro cameras and accessories, eBay is the place to find all essential GoPro gear. But how to choose the right accessories for your GoPro? First up, compatibility. Make sure the accessories you are looking at will fit your GoPro, while allowing it to function correctly. Next, functionality. Think about what you will be using the GoPro for. If you are planning on scuba diving, check the depth rating for the GoPro waterproof housing you want to buy. You should also think about how easy it is to use - especially with your dive gear on. Ready to buy? Check out eBays range of GoPro gear and camera accessories bundles to find the best equipment for you!