Personalise Your iPad Air With Tablet Cases, Covers, and Keyboards

The iPad Air is Apple's first-generation slim tablet and it came out in 2013. If you own one of these devices and would like to protect it or make it more personal with unique designs, you can get an iPad Air case that does both of these things at the same time. Exploring eBay for affordable covers for the iPad Air 1 will help you find the case you like.

Types of covers for iPad Air devices

Cases for the iPad Air can come in different versions to fit various needs. All of the iPad Air cases you find on eBay can offer some protection to your tablet but some may have additional accessories or features that you find useful. Some of the most common types of tablet covers you can find on eBay are:

  • Shell - This version of the iPad Air case has a hard surface that is designed to protect the tablet from falls, impacts, or scratches. It may be bulkier than other types of Apple Air tablet covers, but it is still relatively lightweight.
  • Sleeve - This kind of iPad Air cover features a softer, more flexible outer layer that is mostly for aesthetic appeal and to keep dust or debris away from the tablet.
  • Keyboard - You can use eBay to find an iPad Air case that has a keyboard accessory.
Can you choose multiple features for an iPad Air cover?

Yes, many iPad Air 1 cases also include extras that can make using your tablet more convenient or fun. If you know some of the features you would like to have with your iPad Air case, you can use eBay to find all of the products that utilise them. Some common options you will discover here are:

  • Lights - You can choose a cover for your iPad Air 1 that has a series of integrated lights inside. This feature can be useful if you don't want to use the backlit screen when reading your tablet.
  • Stands - An integrated stand on the iPad Air 1 case allows you to set it up on its own to view multimedia without holding it.
Can you get a pre-owned iPad Air cover?

eBay stocks both new and used iPad Air cases that you can look through in order to find the right one. A used cover for the iPad Air 1 might provide you with a way to get the special designer look that you like at a reasonable price.