Cases, Covers & Keyboard Folios for Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Keep your Microsoft Surface Pro 4 safe

The market has exploded with smaller laptops, all-in-ones and tablets in the last 10 years, and people are relying on them more and more. One of the more popular ranges is the Surface Pro from Microsoft. Of course, the biggest appeal is having the Windows operating system in tablet form, which isn’t possible on other tablet devices.

However, if you’ve got a great tablet like the Surface Pro 4, you also need the right tablet accessories. These tablets aren’t cheap, and you need to look after them. That’s where folio cases and covers come in. Offering protection against scratches and other damage, especially when you’re carrying them in a bag or backpack, folio cases are a great, non-bulky way to keep your Surface Pro safe.

More than just a case

You get some excellent protection from having a case, cover or folio for your Surface Pro 4. However, it’s more than just that. Many of these flip-style folios also work as a stand! You can tilt your tablet slightly if you’re using a keyboard function, or if you’re using it to watch movies you can stand it up in a more convenient position.

From light to heavy-duty

If you know that you put your tablets through a bit more danger than they should, you can find heavy-duty, shock-proof cases for your Surface Pro. They do cost a little bit more, but if you’re a bit clumsy, it might save you hundreds of dollars in repairs, or worse still, a replacement. It never hurts to have that extra protection; however, it does make your Surface Pro a bit bulkier overall.

For those who just like a light-weight solution, folio cases are the perfect option. If you want them a little bit sturdy, some are made from premium leather which gives some added protection and also looks great. Choose from all sorts of colours to match your own individual personality, because after all, it’s an accessory!