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Cases, Covers & Skins for Samsung Galaxy S7

Cases, Covers, and Skins for Samsung Galaxy S7

No matter how tough your phone may be, whether it has a metal body or gorilla glass screen, the fact remains that the best way to keep your mobile phone looking good is to protect it with a case. You may not want to hide your Samsung Galaxy S7 under a case, but if you want that extra protection, its a good idea to get one.

Samsung Cases

One way to get good Galaxy S7 cases, covers, and skins is go to the source. Consider Samsung cases, covers, and skins for the Samsung Galaxy S7. The advantage of going with first-party cases is that Samsung designs them to work with the phone. They also offer features no third party can match like notifications on the LED case, or even a second screen so you can see whats going on even with the display turned off.

Bulk and Protection

As a general rule, the more protective the case, the bigger, heavier, and bulkier it is. For some people, thats a good tradeoff. A multi-layer protective case can handle significant impacts and many come with additional protection against dust or even moisture. They are really helpful for people who wear their phones on a belt-clip and need extra protection against the elements. After all, it doesnt matter if the case doesnt fit in your pocket if you have no intention of putting your phone there.

Folio Cases

For a less industrial look, consider leather wallet cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7. Made of either natural or synthetic leather these cases add a lot of style to your mobile phone. Many feature a folio design that fits over the screen and works with your phones sleep function so they help save power. Natural leather is usually a better choice if the price is in your budget, but many synthetic cases are almost as good.

Other Cases

Mobile phone cases, covers, and skins often offer additional features as well as just protecting your device. While some provide pockets for your credit and debit cards, others include a battery to keep your Galaxy S7 topped up from the moment you leave home.

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