Keep Your Phone Safe with Cases and Covers for the iPhone 6s

From slips and falls to other types of accidents, drops can do significant damage to your phone. Not only do you risk breaking your phone, but you can damage the screen and other parts, too. An easy and convenient way to protect it is with an iPhone 6s case.

How do a case and cover differ?

As you browse for iPhone 6s cases on eBay, you might wonder if there is a difference between a case and a cover. A cover is a product designed to protect the screen from damage. It keeps you and other uses from leaving behind fingerprints. The cover can also prevent scratches and stop dust from building up on your screen. While a cover sticks to the glass, a case wraps around the phone. It can offer more protection during drops and falls.

Do all cases and covers use the same materials?

Both iPhone 6s covers and cases can use different materials. An iPhone 6s cover might use Gorilla Glass. This is a type of glass that can withstand high levels of pressure without breaking. Covers use other materials such as silicone and are flexible enough that they can wrap around the phone without damaging it. There are other cases and covers that use materials such as leather and plastic.

Terms to know when shopping for an iPhone 6s cover

When shopping for iPhone 6s phone cases, you may come across some terms you don't know. Here are a few that you might see.

  • Shockproof: This is a type of phone case that absorbs the shock that occurs when you drop the phone. It is designed to keep all the working parts of the phone safe.
  • Water-resistant: An iPhone 6s cover or case that is water-resistant has a protective cover intended to keep water from getting into the phone.
  • Waterproof: Though harder to find, a waterproof case offers more protection. It is designed to block both rain and snow, as well as any other type of moisture, from getting into the phone.
What are some of the different phone cases available?

One type of iPhone 6s case is a wallet case that protects your phone and functions as a wallet with slots for cards or cash. If you are athletic and spend a lot of time outside, you might consider an armband case. This fits on your arm and keeps the phone out of your pocket. There are also cases that you can mount in your car.