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Cases Covers and Skins for HTC Mobile Phones

It can be tough feeling disconnected from everything just because you dropped or damaged your mobile phone. Mobile phones like HTC’s range of smartphones need mobile phone cases, covers and skins to protect them from all the accidents and perils that take them out of action. It’s important to note that these accessories for HTC mobile phones all fit specific dimensions for each model of phone.

Physical Phone Protection

The role of mobile phone cases is first and foremost protecting a phone from everyday physical harm. Made using hard plastics, these cases are designed to take the brunt of impacts and shocks instead of your phone itself. In the end, it’s cheaper to replace a scuffed and beaten up phone cover than it is your HTC mobile phone.

Slim and Sleek Design

The best kinds of mobile phone cases are the ones that you can barely even notice. In your hand, you want the mobile phone to feel almost the same as it did before you put your case or cover on it. Phone cases are typically slim and lightweight, but also often feature a textured exterior to provide extra grip. Many mobile phone cases also try to stick closely the aesthetic of their device, either with a very dark colour scheme or sometimes a completely see-through look.

Uninhibited Functionality

An important point to keep in mind is that phone cases shouldn’t stop you from using any of your phone’s normal features. For example, a mobile cover that partly or fully blocks your HTC’s camera isn’t doing its job right. Most HTC phone cases either have cutouts over things like speakers and volume buttons, or have flexible covers over the buttons so that you can still press them as normal.

Screen Protectors

While phone cases protect the back and sides of mobile phones, only certain covers include protection for the screen, arguably the most important part of any phone. Mobile phone screen protectors are there to fill that gap, offering you peace of mind in case you drop your phone on the screen itself.

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