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Personalize Your LG G6 Phone Using a Case, Cover, or Skin

LG released the sixth iteration of the G series of mobile phones in 2017. Cases, covers, or skins for the LG G6 phone can be a fun and efficient way to customize the appearance of your smartphone and offer it some protection at the same time. Finding out more about the features you can choose for your G6 phone case will help you find the right one.

Types of LG G6 phone cases

You can get a standard flip case in classic leather that allows you to access the phone's front touchscreen while it stays protected. A sleeve encapsulates the whole smartphone, and a bumper case has raised corners for protection. In addition to these options, you can also have your pick of wallet cases to keep your financial cards handy or a hybrid that combines soft and hard layers instead of giving you just one. If you need extra power for your phone, you can look into LG G6 battery cases.

How do you choose common features for your LG G6 case?

Each LG G6 case that you find for sale on eBay will have a range of standard features that might make using it more convenient for you. Here are a few of the options you'll discover during your search for a case or cover:

  • Kickstand - You can use the pop-up kickstand to support your G6 smartphone for multimedia viewing.
  • Waterproofing - Some versions of LG 6 phone cases have water-resistant properties that help them repel excess moisture and protect the screen and sensitive components. The resistance to water is usually rated to a particular depth and time frame, and you can check specific models for their maximum waterproofing levels.
  • Screen protector - You can get an LG G6 phone case with a protector for the screen made from tempered glass components. This feature can help to minimize the risk of scratches or dings to the touchscreen of your phone.
Finding accessories for your LG G6 phone case

In addition to the LG G6 case itself, you can get a range of accessories that might make using your favorite smartphone easier or more convenient. Here are just a couple of the things that can come with the model of G6 phone case that you choose:

  • Stylus - If you need a stylus to do more precise work with your LG G6 touchscreen, you can get a stylish phone case or cover that includes one of these accessories.
  • Charging cable - Should you want to keep an extra charging cable handy to make sure your smartphone is topped up, you can get one with your purchase of purchase of some new or secondhand LG 6 phone cases.
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