Mobile Phone Cases, Covers, and Skins for Samsung Galaxy A5

The Samsung Galaxy A5 showed an improvement in Samsung’s 2017 line-up of mid-ranged yet powerful smartphones ideal for any user. The sleek design consists of all-glass construction, which, while looking extremely elegant, is very delicate and prone to shattering. This is probably the most compelling reason to buy a mobile phone case for your new Galaxy A5 to ensure that it lives a long life and doesn’t end up with a spiderweb finish on the front and back.

Wallet Cases

Easily one of the most useful, multifunction cases are wallet cases for the Samsung Galaxy A5. As they are available in a variety of materials, colours, and styles, you will definitely find one that suits your mood and lifestyle. Do you appreciate plain but elegant design? If so, then consider a genuine leather wallet case whose luxurious feel and professional look is suited for business people. If artistic design is more your thing, then a printed wallet case with a snowy sunrise, a blooming field, or something that speaks to you on the outside flip cover should suit your fancy. Many wallet cases also double as a stand so you can enjoy its multiple functions.

Fitted Cases

The Galaxy A5 is slim and sleek, and if you think it would be a shame to lose that defining characteristic by slapping on a thick bulky protector, then fitted cases for the Galaxy A5 are good options for you. Silicone, gel, and rubber are the main materials used to achieve a thin yet capable protector for your valuable phone. Pick a slim protector with metallic accents against a matte colour base for extra style points all while keeping your device scuff-free, or buy a shockproof skin case made of brushed soft TPU material to help it resist moderate falls.

Other Cases

If you don’t mind adding a little heft, a rugged Samsung Galaxy A5 case can give your mobile phone maximum protection. It's ideal if you work at job sites with rough terrain. Just make sure to add a screen protector to cover all the bases. Some mobile phone cases feature a removable back to house your credit cards and ID, so they are all in one place for utmost convenience.