Cases and Covers for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Give your phone some protection with cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Your phone is one of the most important possessions you own, so ensure that it's fully protected with a case or cover.

Because the S6 Edge has a curved screen as well as glass on the front and back, it needs some good protection. The phone has been on the market for quite some time now so there are many cases and choices of protection available.

Type of Cases

There are so many different types of phone cases and covers available for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that the choice is really yours depending on what kind of style, protection and price you're looking for.

Fitted cases, or skins, are one of the most basic yet popular models available. These fit right against the phone so don't add any bulk or weight onto your device. With skin cases, as well as other types of case, you'll want to check the level of protection that it offers. Plastic cases will offer protection against daily wear and tear, whilst silicone cases add a level of shock absorption.

Flip cases come with a front and back cover to keep all parts of your device covered and protected. The front cover protects against scratches or dents to the screen when not in use, allowing you to safely store your phone away when on the go.

If you're looking for something smarter or more practical, look for wallet cases. These usually come in leather or faux leather and cover your whole phone, securing with a magnetic tab. They also have card and money slots inside so you can use it in place of your wallet or purse. Wallet cases can also be used as a phone stand so you can watch videos or take business video calls while on the go.