Cash Register Drawers

Cash Register Drawers

Collecting cash is an important function for most businesses, so you need to have a quality cash register on hand to ensure you do it safely and accurately. Depending on the setup your store has, there’s likely to be a type of cash register that will best suit your business. You’ll need to have enough space for the coins and notes you collect, with extra space for anything else necessary. You can purchase cash register drawers as replacements or stand alone, fully functional cash registers that allow you to print receipts.

Portable Cash Register Drawers

If you operate a business on the move or have the need to take your cash register drawer with you at the end of each day, a portable style is best. These drawers are tough to ensure the money inside is always safe, usually with an aluminium or steel make. Portable cash registers can lock with a key for safety, and these often come with handles for easy transport.

Automatic and Manual Cash Registers

Automatic cash registers can connect to your POS machine or receipt printer with an Ethernet or USB cable, giving you hands-free functionality. To control the machine without an external power source, you can purchase a manual cash register that opens by pushing either a button or the tray, which operates the open mechanism.

Sizes and Currencies

Depending on the currencies you accept, you can choose cash register drawers designed to suit. These drawers come with different compartments and trays to keep the notes and coins separate and easy to manage, and you can select as many or as few as you like. There are universal cash register drawers which take all currencies, and in a number of sizes to suit your shop setup. Cash register drawers can start very small like a petty cash box and increase to a full sized register.

Replacement Trays

There are a number of additional trays that insert into your cash register if your old one needs replacing or a style upgrade. Cash register replacement trays use plastic or steel, and their designs are all about compatibility with different models of cash register, so you should always check the specifications.