Keep track of your sales with cash registers & accessories on eBay 

Whatever your business may be, having a cash register to assist you can be a great addition to your operation.  Dealing with physical cash becomes so much simpler, safer and efficient with a system to keep track of everything. Whether you’re looking to equip multiple premises or just need a solo machine for your part time hobby, eBay is the place to turn for cash registers and accessories.  

Unless you’re a maths whizz, the prospect of doing the sums mentally every single time is probably not a great one. Using the brains of the cash register to find out your change saves you the embarrassment of giving the wrong amount to a customer, or potentially losing money.  

If you’re still keeping your cash float in Tupperware or piggy banks, it’s probably in your business’s best interest for you to upgrade to a cash register. Keeping all your money in one place can ensure that everything is accounted for and nothing gets lost. If your business requires a more sophisticated system, check out the touch screen cash registers available on eBay.  

As well as a huge range of registers, eBay also has plenty of accessories to help make your point of sale transactions even more seamless. Decode your products and easily access your computer database to keep an eye on your stock levels and pricing with an electronic barcode scanner.  

Of course, you’ll need some POS software beforehand to hold all the information the barcode scanner can interpret. Investing in this software is a wise move to keep track of your stock, sales and run reports on your most-popular items.  

No matter how large or small your operation, eBay has plenty to offer to help you track your sales and stock accurately. Discover a whole range of cash registers and accessories online today!