Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Cash Registers

Whether your business is a professional retail environment or you have a small produce stand in your front yard, having a cash register helps you keep track of sales and purchases, while giving you correct amount of change every time. There are many types of cash registers and cash register accessories to purchase, each with the ability to help streamline your front end, keeping customers happy and boosting sales.

Standard Choices

Choose a standard cash register if you merely need to keep track of sales (via register tape), and need to make and count change. There are several different choices for standard models when it comes to Casio cash registers. For example, the SEC10 is a solid, durable machine that uses receipt paper; however, you can programme up to 500 PLUs.

All-in-One Options

If you need something a little more advanced than a standard register, there are all-in-one options that can help your front end. Shop an all-in-one SAM4S cash register that is a standard register, plus a barcode scanner and thermal printer. If you have a small shop with a minimal front end, this is actually a great idea, as you can price and ring all from one station.

POS Registers

POS (Point of Sale) registers are computerised and digital, making them a terrific choice if you own a mid- to large-sized retail store, or grocery outlet. These types of registers include the same attributes as your standard models, but usually feature a touchscreen that a cashier can easily use to ring out customers seamlessly and quickly. These programmable machines also typically have the numeric keyboard on screen, keeping everything simple and in one place.

Trusted Brands

As with any type of electronics, there are quite a few trusted brands to choose from while shopping. One of the most popular is a SHARP cash register, with standard, all-in-one, and POS models. However, there are many other options including Casio, SAM4S, IBM, and HP.

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