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Casio Watches

Casio Computer Co. is a multinational consumer electronics and commercial electronics manufacturer that creates everything from calculators, mobile phones, digital cameras, and even musical instruments. The Casio watches are extremely popular as they feature digital displays on otherwise classic watch styles that combine technology with looks. There are also several sport styles, dress watches, and some watches tailored specifically for women with smaller wrist strap sizes and elegant designs. There are several popular styles including G-Shock, Baby-G, G-Shock for Women, Pro Trek, Edifice, Vintage, Wave Captor, or dress watches!

Casio G-shock Series

There is a wide range of men’s Casio watches, with one of the most popular being the Casio G-Shock. This heavy-duty watch features a compass, multiple time zones, day indicator, alarm and more. It is of a standard 12-hour dial design, with a backlight, shock resistance, and the ability to be submerged to a depth of 200m. It is created out of resin and is designed for men with active lifestyles who need a tough watch to survive anything. They come in a variety of colours ranging from khaki, black, blue, and even a fluorescent yellow. 

The watch has been created specifically for service personnel, survivalists, and outdoorsmen who want a reliable and functional watch. There are also the Baby-G Casio watches which are slightly smaller and created for women. These are created in colours like pink, blue-purple or white, but still have the heavy-duty design with water and shock resistance. They have a two-piece strap, are resistance to 100m depth, feature a 12-hour dial, and are made from stainless steel and resin. They also feature the date, compass, and are perfectly suited for the outdoorsy female.

Casio Men’s Dress Watches

For a more sophisticated look, you can opt for a Casio watch with a leather strap. Leather straps are durable, high quality, and will sit comfortably on your wrist. Many of the Casio models provide the option of a leather strap. Stainless steel wrist straps are another option for dressier Casio watches, that can be paired with business, casual, or smart casual wear.

Casio Edifice Men’s Wristwatch

Another popular model from Casio is the Edifice style, which is a Chronograph watch. This watch reflects a distinct sense of style which is ideal for both professional and weekend lifestyles. It is designed for mobile men who move seamlessly from the boardroom to the ballpark, and incorporates aspects of sports and sophisticated style watches for this multipurpose watch. It has models with advanced features and functions that can be linked directly with your smartphone. 

Casio Classic

The classic Casio styles feature vintage designs with throwbacks to the 70s and 80s. The Casio vintage model features mineral glass and an LED light, and daily alarm. It is a timepiece that will never go out of style. It is a digital sports watch which is either made from rubber and resin, or stainless steel. One is a perfect option for day to day sports use, while the metal styles which come in gold or silver provide a slightly more sophisticated look. Both are digital, water resistant, and allow you to set an alarm. For anyone who does not like bulky wrist watches, it’s the perfect choice as it is small and light, but does everything you need it to do.

Casio Women’s Wrist watches

Casio has created a range of women’s watches including the tough Baby-G, an analogue version of Baby-G, or the Women’s retro digital watch. The G-Shock watches are popular analogue-digital watches with a new model and hand design. They were created to make daily sports training more effective and fun, whether you are running laps, swimming or hiking up mountains. For a more sophisticated look, you could consider the G-MS solar powered models. These do not only not require a battery as they depend on the energy from the sun, but are also created from stylish rose gold and silver stainless steel. The structure of these watches is thinner and smaller, making them daintier yet still suited well for a sports lifestyle or daily wear. 

Solar Powered Casio Watches

Casio has created several models that are solar powered. Amongst these are the G-MS, G-Shock, Protek, or Edifice. Solar powered watches do not need to have batteries replaced as often as other models, however the batteries can typically last around 10 years. Some tests have shown that a solar powered watch battery can retain up to 80% of its power reserve capacity after 20 years. The Casio solar watches draw their power from an ultra-small solar panel that is highly efficient in transforming sun energy into a ticking clock. Wearers can enjoy using the watch and all of its functions, while knowing the watch is being recharged. 

Solar power can be recharged from low light, fluorescent lamps, and even on cloudy days. The recharging speed differs on the brightness of the light, but the solar battery can generate enough power for a day of functionality in as little as five minutes. You will not even notice it is charging. Keep in mind that a digital watch requires around twice as much battery power as an analogue watch due to the additional features and an LCD display. This means that it is a more environmentally-friendly option, as these watches do not require a disposable battery every couple of years.

Materials for wrist straps

There are plenty of materials that Casio uses for the wrist straps of their watches - from leather, plastic, resin, rubber, silicone and silver to stainless steel. The sports style watches will typically employ plastic and resin due to their flexibility and shock resistance. These choices are also better for frequent water absorption. Even for the G-Shocks which can be taken to significant underwater depth, it is a good idea to rinse the watch with fresh water after use to ensure proper functionality. If you want something a bit more classic and stylish, then choosing stainless steel, leather, or silver could be a better option for you.