Cast Fishing Nets

Cast Net Fishing Nets

Fishermen across the world use different types of fishing nets every single day. Some people use large nets to catch fish on a commercial scale, while others use smaller nets to catch enough to feed them and their families. Cast nets are among the most popular fishing nets for recreational anglers. They make it very easy to catch smaller fish and crustaceans that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to catch. Many people also use cast nets to catch small live baits, which they then use to catch larger fish.

Choosing The Right Net

The first thing that you need to check when it comes to buying a fishing net is your state or territory’s laws. Net fishing is a highly regulated activity, and you need to make sure that you are obeying the law (otherwise, you are risking big penalties). Secondly, you need to choose a net that is right for your needs. Cast nets vary in size, cast weight, net material and mesh size. Choose a net that is suitable for both the location you plan on fishing and the species you plan on targeting.

Trap Nets

If cast nets aren’t your thing, take a look at the wide range of trap fishing nets and harnesses on the market. These nets are perfect for catching things like small fish, crustaceans, or eels. Again, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each of which is suits a particular use. Choose wisely, and make sure that you are obeying fishing laws.


Many Australians enjoy the pleasure of yabby fishing every year. Yabbies are among the country’s most common freshwater crustaceans, and are great fun to catch and eat. Although you generally aren’t allowed to use crawfish fishing trap nets in public waters, these rules don’t apply to private land. If you have a lake or dam on your property (or on the property of someone you know), then get your hands on a few yabby fishing nets and enjoy a seafood feast!