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Castrol Collectable Petrol Advertising

Castrol collectable signs can date way back to 1899, the year Charles Wakefield established this business. A number of vintage signs are available through the sellers on eBay. If you are into collecting retro signs, there are cool Castrol engine oil and lubricant product souvenirs that may catch your eye.

What Are Some Types of Petrol Collectibles?

  1. Metal Signs. Some items may have rusting or even slight dents, but these all add to that antique look.
  2. Collectable petrol advertising. Prefer collecting tin signs that display old logos and fonts used a long time ago.
  3. Vintage Oil Can. Petrol companies often change the way they package their products. The better ones to collect are those old cans no longer in use.
  4. Retro Oil Bottle. Modern oil containers are often plasticised but decades ago, bottles were more common. Chipped bottles may be unattractive to some but for collectors, the condition is a sign of age. Therefore, a minimal chip is acceptable and actually desirable. However, avoid cracked collectables. You don’t really know how long they are still good for.