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It's been over 100 years since neighbourhood petrol stations began operating around the world. Since then, they have become an everyday part of life with companies trying out new designs and logos for their oil tins, signs, bowsers and advertising to fend off the competition. Many of these item have found their way onto the shelves of collectors as nostalgic items reminding us of the golden years of the petrol station. 

Named after Castrol's founder, George Wakefield, the Wakefield range of vintage products dates back to the turn of the century, and includes oil tins, pourers and bottles with the distinctive green and red Castrol logo in its original design. Throughout the century, the logo and advertising design has undergone many changes, but the basic brand message of quality and reliability has remained unchanged.

Advertising signs are another favourite, and you'll find a range of signs made from iron, tin or porcelain on eBay. Hang them in your own garage or man cave for a fun way to brighten up the space. 

Small collectables are also very popular. Choose from a range of small tins, and glass bottles, or print advertisements and promotional posters. With such a huge range, you're sure to find something to collect here on eBay! 

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Browse our extensive range of Castrol collectables today!