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Cat 7 Ethernet Cables (RJ-45/8P8C)

Just about everyone working in computer or information technology, including home computer users, has heard of Cat 5 or Ethernet cables. Contractors and other professionals probably know about Cat 6 lines, too, and their different standards of application. Cat 7 is yet another step up, designed for use in densely-populated commercial and office spaces, like a university campus. When you start talking heavy-duty, you’re talking Cat 7.


Ethernet cables have become a basic building block of modern technological society. Everywhere you go, you’ll find those recognizable, usually blue lines connecting computers to servers and servers to the broader web. Cat 7 cables are workhouses, meant to carry the traffic of entire buildings and even whole complexes of buildings, all running at the same time. Built to a sturdier standard, Cat 7 functions well even under pressure from hundreds of demanding connection requests.


The individually shielded pairs of Cat 7 suffer less disruption than the regular braided wire pairs of Cat 6 and Cat 5 cables. A network that relies on Cat 7 might be technological overkill for a private residence, but it’s a must for the bigger workload of a college campus or office building. Using Cat 7 means less maintenance on your cables and fewer replacements due to degradation, over time, so you can feel secure in your LAN reliability.


You dont need anything special for Cat 7 cables. Wherever Cat 5 or Cat 6 network cables and adapters can go, Cat 7 can go, as well. You can use most of the same crimping and termination tools, so you can expand your systems without branching into a whole new skillset. If you can manufacture a working Cat 5 line, then you can use and install Cat 7, too!


Certified for 10+ Gigabit Ethernet and 600 MHz transmission frequencies, Cat 7 has what it takes to shoulder the load of a massive communications system. If you’ve got a big networking job in front of you, then you want the strength of Cat 7 cable to ensure smooth connections and shorter wait times.

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