Cat Beds

Cat Beds

With the average cat sleeping up to 16 hours a day, it’s essential for your furry friend to have a comfy place to sleep for those long hours of slumber. There are so many different types and sizes available, such as a hammock, igloo, or typical basket beds. You may have to try out a couple before determining which kind your furry friend likes best.


Depending on the activity of your cat and what they prefer, plenty of cat beds would be perfect for your beloved kitty. Sometimes, you may have to cycle through multiple options to find the best fit, but if you understand what your cat likes, you can narrow down your choices. If your cat is a burrower, you should consider cat igloos and caves or nesting bed so they can get cosy in an enclosed space. If your cat likes to spread out and rest without feeling trapped, you should consider a pillow, a cat hammock, or basket bed. To get a mix of the two types, a cave would be the best option.

Warming Features

For those who live in colder climates and for cats that enjoy being warm, a good option is an electric heating bed. It provides your cat extra warmth and comfort, thanks to a heating element inside the fabric. While electric beds could pose a risk, the self-heating option uses your cat’s own body heat to make the bed warm. These beds typically use fabrics like fleece or plush to hold the heat. Since cats shed and bring in dirt from outdoors, consider machine washable options.


The material a cat bed is made of is key to your pets comfort. For ultimate comfort, choose plush, microsuede, fleece or even memory foam. For those cats that like a medium-hard surface, canvas, leather, nylon, and polyester cat bed options are available. Finally, for cats that prefer harder surfaces, plastic, wicker, and wood cat beds may be good choices.


Cat lovers tend to look toward brands like Caddis, K&H, and Rods for their cat bed and supply needs. Some brands offer specialty woven beds, accessories, and other animal supplies, while others may offer specially designed pod beds ideal for cats and kittens alike.