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Cat Carrier Bags

When you have to take kitty from place to place, and especially to the veterinarian, a cat carrier bag is a terrific option. A little more comfortable and cosy than those plastic, cage-like carriers of old, carrier bag lets your feline relax a little bit as they’re travelling. Look for different sizes, styles and colours so you can easily meet the needs of your particular cat. There are fabric and plastic options, as well as small, medium and large sizes.

Plastic Carriers

Plastic cat carriers may look a little bit like your traditional cat carrier, but they’re essentially sturdy cat carrier bags with a more durable outer shell. Look for size options that easily leave enough room for kitty to be comfortable. Not just for trips to the vet, these types of carriers are great when you’re moving, travelling or even for taking kitty for a ride in the car.

Fabric Carriers

Fabric cat carriers are a good option for travelling in the car as well. Some options even buckle right into the backseat, so kitty isn’t jostled around while the car is moving. Additionally, these carries are more easily carried over the shoulder or as a backpack or knapsack. Depending where you’re travelling and the purpose of the trip, some of these fabric types can even be carried in your hand.

Size Options

When it comes to cat carriers, there are quite a few size options, such as small, medium or large. A smaller bag, of course, works well for a kitten or a small cat, while a larger carrier may even also work well for a small dog. Medium sizes are the best choice for a domestic adult cat, allowing kitty plenty of room to move without being too large to carry.


There are many features when it comes to cat carriers and bags, such as colour options. Look for different colours and prints to match your personal taste or to match kitty’s other accompaniments. Ensure that your carrier has a handle or strap that is durable and comfortable, especially if you are carrying the bag on your shoulder or in your hand. Also, you want to make sure that kitty is able to see out to minimise her fear.