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Cat Collars and Tags

An item we often overlook item in the cat supply isle is the cat collar and tag section. Unlike a dog, and excepting certain breeds, putting a jumper on your cat is not a good idea. Outdoor cats are natural wanderers, and their territories can cover several miles. Collars help to distinguish them from strays and ferals, and if your indoor cat happens to escape into the wide world, they can be easier to find. You can even add a collar for a little splash of glamour. For instance, to set your kitty apart from the others, add a beautiful rhinestone/diamante cat collar or perhaps a masculine sports theme accessory. Show off your animal's personality with a little bling.

Hello, My Name is...

The number one reason for putting on a collar is for identification purposes. Cats are quick, and it only takes a second for Mr. Kitten to slip past you and be gone. A small tag attached to his collar tells someone where to return if found. You can engrave a name, phone number, and address on the charm if you want.

A Tag that Opens Doors

Another type of tag that you might attach to your pet's collar is an electronic device that opens the cat door. Although not as common, there are cats that like to be both inside and outside pets. For security reasons, it's sensible to have a flap that only opens when the key unlocks it.

Ding, Ding I'm Here

A bell around the neck tells everyone that your feline has arrived. No more sneaking up behind you; instead, you hear him coming before he pounces on you. For outside cats, a lighted cat safety collar ensures drivers see little Fluffy on the rare chance she runs into the road.

Safety Concerns

To keep your kitten safe, a collar should not be too loose or too tight. If you can get one to two fingers underneath the collar, then you are good. Another important thing to do is to check the tightness often, especially if your pet is still growing.