Cat Flea Collars

Collar for Cat with Flea

Prevent and treat your cat for fleas with a special flea collar for cats. You'll find a variety of options which allow you to keep your cat comfortable and flea-free even if they go outside. Choose the one that best fits your needs to best protect you cat.


When selecting a flea collar, you will find options by different manufacturers. Advantage makes flea collars for cats, and is a well-known name brand. Adams is another brand that is well-known for producing a flea collar just for cats. You can also find unbranded cat flea collars if brand doesn't matter to you and you want to save money.

Level of Protection

Not all flea collars work the same way. Some prevent fleas from jumping onto your pet by repelling them. Others kill live fleas while some also kill the eggs. They also work different lengths of time. Some flea collars provide protection for 30 days while others prevent reinfestation for several months. Choose the one you need based on how big of a problem fleas are in your home.

Kills Pests

Many of these collars don't stop at fleas. They can also get rid of other pests that may bother your cat. For instance, many collars also kill ticks, which your cat can pick up if they spend any time outside in your yard. Some will kill mosquitos which can cause disease in your pet.


One important factor to consider is the age and size of your cat. Some flea collars are designed only for use on grown cats. Any cat under one year would not be a candidate for this type of collar. Other products will treat kittens as well as grown cats as long as they are eight to twelve weeks old. Very few products will treat kittens under eight weeks of age unless directed by a veterinarian.