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"I love it when my cat Mittens uses my expensive leather couch as a scratching post," said no person ever. When you've got an indoor cat that just won't stop using your beloved possessions to sharpen its claws, it's time you invested in a cat scratcher .

A cat's natural instinct is to sharpen and smooth their claws, mark their territory and to give themselves a good stretch. The right cat furniture will not only restore your sanity, but it will keep your feline's nails clean while providing them with the chance to get some extra exercise while indoors.

Just as there are many breeds of cats, there are many different types of cat scratchers. It is important that you find one that fits your budget and needs. Keep in mind that your idea of desirable may not coincide with your cat's idea of desirable. Cats enjoy rough surfaces that they can shred and tear away at. Pay close attention to the types of surfaces that your cat likes to scratch, and try to find a post with a similar type of surface or material. From cardboard cat scratchers to rope scratch posts, your cat will be stimulated for hours on end as it plays, bites, and claws its way to happiness.

The most popular type of cat scratcher is a 'cat tree,' which enables your cat to climb high and manoeuvre its way around the tricky edges and tunnels. This type of cat furniture serves multiple functions and capabilities as more often than not, your cat will spend much of its time sleeping on it and the rest of the time playing with it.

Say goodbye to ripped curtains and shredded pillows - cat furniture is so affordable that you'll wonder why you didn't buy it earlier. Shop online at eBay for the biggest selection of cat scratchers. You can filter your search by fabric, price, or condition. See something you love and can't wait for auction? Buy outright instead of bidding against other hopeful buyers. Browse the range of cat toys and pet supplies today and grab a bargain.