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Cat Grooming Supplies

Just like people, cats require grooming to ensure overall health. From toe clipping to brushing and combing, caring for a cat means more than simply giving your pet food and water. Cats need specific supplies to meet their grooming needs, and most pets don't mind being brushed and pampered a bit. Grooming your pet at home means fewer vet visits, and creates an even stronger bond between you and your furry friend.


Cats have claws that become sharp and long over time, which could mean humans getting scratched or furniture torn up. Eliminate these possible problems by caring for your cat's nails. There are two ways you can handle long claws. If you have a patient feline and you feel comfortable, use a nail clipper to trim your companion's nails when they get too long. If you're not confident in your clipping skills or you have a wiggly animal, consider slipping cat nail caps over your animal's claws to prevent him from scratching people or furniture.


When it comes to cat grooming, some pet supplies are a must-have, and for cat parents, using a cat brush is the easiest way to groom your cat's fur and eliminate pesky hairballs. Cats enjoy the feel of the brush on their fur; think of it as a massage for your feline. Brushing their hair, especially breeds with long fur, removes excess hair and keeps your cat comfortable and snag-free. For cats with tangled manes, try a comb to remove knots and tangles gently and easily.


Unlike dogs, cats bathe themselves on a daily basis, so it's fairly rare for cats to require a bath. However, they may get dirty from time to time, so a bath may be a necessity. If you must bathe your cat, even if it's just to apply a flea treatment, ensure you purchase cat-specific shampoo that's gentle enough for your pet. For medical needs, such as skin issues, shedding or fleas, opt for a special shampoo that hones in on these issues and provides the best care for your cat. Once bathtime is over, opt for a microfibre towel that sucks up moisture quickly so your cat dries off fast; cats do not enjoy the feeling of wet fur, so the faster you dry them, the better off you'll both be.


Cats constantly feel the need to sharpen and maintain their claws. In between trimming, ensure they have a way to scratch safely without shredding your carpet or couch. A scratching post is not only fun for cats to use, but gives them a productive and safe way to scratch, which also makes grooming easier for you, since scratching whittles their claws and effectively trims them, keeping them from becoming too sharp. Scratching posts come in many designs, which include tall cat trees with several areas to scratch, or simple scratching pads you can hang on a door or set on the floor for your pet to easily access.