Cat hammocks offering the perfect perch

Give your cat a fun place to chill out and sleep with a soft window, wall or radiator mounted cat hammock. These cute hammocks and perches can be hung up wherever your cat loves to be best and are great for pets who like to watch the world go by. On eBay you can find a great selection of hammocks, acting at the perfect bed or resting place for your cat.

Wall mounted cat hammocks

Make your kitty feel like the cat who got the cream with their very own wall mounted cat hammock. Made from plush faux fur, cotton and a range of other materials, these versatile cute cat beds are machine washable and easy to attach.

Window mounted cat hammocks

Let your pet enjoy the sunshine and view from their very own window mounted perch. Great for keeping your cat and their hair off your furniture, these hammocks are scratch proof and most are also machine washable cat hammocks too.

Cage hammocks for cats

Excellent for smaller animals like guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters, as well as a puppy or kitten, cage hammocks are ideal for crate training to give your pet a cosy spot up off the floor. From their higher vantage point, your pet can see everything that's going on around them and snuggle down in the cotton or faux lamb's wool material. Plus they're quick and very easy to fit with the spring clips usually included.

Under chair pet hammocks

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, under chair cat hammocks are fixed to the four legs of a dining room or garden chair so your pet can sit themselves down safely underneath. Made from cloth fabric and fully adjustable to fit, under chair cat hammocks are not only great for saving space they're also easily removable for travelling and storage.