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Cat Litter Trays

Cats are usually content as long as you feed them, pet them and give them a snuggly place to sleep. When it comes to using the bathroom, cats simply need a clean litter tray. While choosing a litter tray can be confusing due to the wide variety of tray types on the market, as soon as you figure out the differences between the trays, it's easy to choose the right one for your needs based on the available features, cost and tray types.

Litter Tray Types

There are two distinct styles of litter trays. One type, the open litter tray, allows a cat to simply step into it do his or her business. The other style is a hooded litter tray, which features a lid that latches on top of the tray to give the cat privacy and keep litter debris inside the tray. Both types offer their own benefits, as an open litter tray is convenient for larger animals who may have a tough time climbing into a hooded litter tray, but for smaller cats who enjoy the privacy of a lid, a hooded tray works well. Hooded trays also confine smells effectively and keep cats from kicking cat litter onto your floor. Open trays generally cost less, so if you require multiple trays, it could be more cost-effective to purchase open trays.

Litter Tray Brands

Multiple well-known manufacturers create pet supplies, including litter trays. Some litter tray brands you'll come across include Armitage, Omega Paw, Petmate, Catit and CatGenie. Each brand varies in the types of trays it offers, in the tray features it offers and in the cost of its litter trays, so choose a brand based on these considerations, as well as on the size, colour and design of the trays.

Litter Tray Features

The easiest way to differentiate between cat litter trays is by their features. One of the most interesting features of modern litter trays is the self-cleaning litter tray, sometimes also called an automated litter tray. These use a mechanism that cleans dirty litter after each use, creating a clean tray for the next animal. Though they cost a bit more than traditional trays do, they make tray maintenance a breeze, especially if you're gone during the day and can't scoop after each use. Other features to look for include a door flap to ensure privacy, an integrated filter to absorb odours.

Litter Tray Accessories

If you're setting your space up for a new furry friend, you won't just need a litter tray. Consider purchasing more accessories to make cleaning up after your cat convenient and easy, such as litter tray liners, a litter scoop, a mat to keep outside the box to catch litter debris as your cat steps out, and of course, cat litter. Litter comes in a variety of types, including clay-based and clumping litter. You can also use odour-reducing spray to clean your cat's litter tray.