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Cat litter for your feline friends

Cats are largely independent pets which offer love and loyalty, alongside being easy to look after with minimal cat equipment required overall. Once they have a scratcher, food, bowls, a litter tray and a toy for when they are kittens, they'll be good to go.

One of the biggest parts of owning a cat is ensuring it is in a healthy, clean environment. Whilst kittens in training or indoor cats, you'll need to clean the cat litter tray regularly. Choosing the right kitty litter for your fluffy friend goes a long way towards hassle-free, hygienic cleaning. With a wide range available on eBay including big names like Purina and Catsan, you're guaranteed to find the right one for you and your pet.

Clumping cat litter

As the name suggests, clumping cat litter sticks together when wet. This means that clumps of urine and/or faeces can simply be scooped out and thrown away, and any untouched litter stays fresh and usable.

Clumping cat litter is usually made of clay or charcoal and be bought in large 10kg bags, ideal if you have more than one feline friend. Keep in mind though that clumping cat litter is not recommended for kittens as it can get stuck to their paws and then ingested when they clean themselves.

Cat litter crystals

Cat litter crystals are made of highly absorbent silica gel, great for soaking up very large amounts of wetness and absorbing odour. This is very helpful if you have several cats or kittens in your home as only solid matter may need to be removed every day with a scoop, meaning less waste and no dust. Crystal litter tends to be sold in smaller bags too, which is handy if you're short of space to store it or struggle with heavy lifting.

Wood pellet cat litter

Made from highly absorbent natural wood, this litter is completely biodegradable and is suitable for cats and kittens alike. Not only does it absorb odour quickly, it also leaves behind a fresh pine scent. Plus, naturally occurring anti-bacterial oils in the wood stops bacteria from spreading and producing any unpleasant smells.