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A guide to cat nail caps

Does your cat love to scratch? If so, you've likely experienced the unfortunate event of damaged furniture, scratched floors, and even injured arms and legs. Cat nail caps provide an easy solution to those pets that can't stop scratching. Using a gentle glue and fun colours, cat nail caps could be your scratching solution.

What are cat nail caps?

Cat nail caps, also called cat claw caps, are small pieces of plastic designed to cover your cat's natural nails. They are typically glued on using a gentle adhesive that allows them to stay on as your cat scratches and plays with cat toys. With bright colours to choose from, cat nail caps are both protective and fun! If your cat is a scratcher, then cat nail covers are essential cat supplies.

What are the benefits of cat nail caps?

Most cat-owners use cat nail caps if they have a cat who loves to scratch. If your cat is a scratcher, they can do real damage to you and your home. Whether it's clawing at couch legs or leaving marks on the floor, cat nail caps offer a solution that will keep your belongings safe and your cat happy. Cat nail caps are also easy to use and affordable, with one pack lasting you months.

How long do cat nail caps last?

Cat nail caps use glue to attach to your cat's claws and are designed to remain on the claws until they fall off naturally as the claws grow. Typically, that means your cat nail caps will last approximately six weeks before you need to reapply. Because of their relatively short lifespan, cat nail caps are usually sold in large quantities. Twenty caps is a popular quantity, but you can find quantities of up to one hundred if you plan on reapplying the caps each time they fall off.

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