Cat Nail Clippers

Keep Your Pet's Nails Trimmed With Cat Nail Clippers

Kitty’s claws starting to scratch too much? Are you getting holes in your lounge... your screen doors ... or perhaps in your arms? It’s time to get your kitty’s claws clipped and thanks to eBay, there’s no shortage of cat nail clippers to choose from.

How to choose the right clippers

While some pet owners might be tempted to use dog nail clippers on their cat, it’s not actually safe – they’re too big and can cause injury. You need to keep in mind that your cat’s paws are very small and as such, there are three options you can consider for clipping their nails.

The guillotine trimmer has a circular hole at the end, where you insert the nail through – it is called a stationary ring. When you squeeze the clippers, it brings a cutting blade through the hole, from the bottom, upwards to snip the nail. The guillotine nail clipper is the easiest to use.

The next best option is to use your own nail clippers – but you need to make sure they are very sharp so that you can clip fast and easy. These will work almost as well as the guillotine clippers. The third option is scissor clippers, which look like scissors but have a curved blade. They’re the type you’ll see your vet using, and they’re more compact than guillotine nail clippers and are ideal for overgrown nails that have started to curl or grow into the toe pad.

Your shopping experience

It’s easy to shop for cat nail clippers when you’re online, and you can filter the brands, colour, even the price. You can also check out the bestselling options to see what’s hot this week. While you’re there, you might also like to get your kitty a treat for behaving. eBay has plenty of cat products available to suit.