Cat Scratching Trees

A cat scratching tree is a tall piece of cat furniture that gives your feline a place to play, sleep, hide, and scratch. When you first bring a cat scratching post into the home, it might take your pet a little bit to start liking it. The trick is to add a little catnip to the platforms and posts. No kitty can resist catnip.

A Place to Play

Like most cats, your cat likes to climb, jump, and play. Why not give them an area where they can do all three? Cat furniture scratchers typically have platforms at different heights so that your cat can jump from one to another. High-end trees have multiple platforms, tunnels, and stairs for climbing.

A Place to Sleep

Your pet probably sleeps close to 15 hours a day, so after playtime, it's time for a nap. For this reason, look at the carpeted cat scratching trees. Your baby deserves to be comfortable while sleeping. Soft surfaces give them a comfortable spot to settle down and nap.

A Place to Hide

Another feature to look for when picking out a spot for Fluffy to play is to look for one with a place for her to hide. Cat's love to pounce when you least expect it. Additionally, there are times your pet just wants to be alone and away from others, so having a place to call his own is wonderful. This is especially important for cats that are less interested in new people. Having their own safe place is good for their peace of mind.

A Place to Scratch

Scratching is as natural as breathing to a cat. To keep your beautiful furniture looking show room ready, get your feline furniture that not only encourages them to scratch but also lets them scratch without getting into trouble. It's also a good way for cats to keep their claws manicured and at a length that won't leave marks on your floors.