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Cat Toys

Whether you’re trying to exercise an aging cat or you simply are trying to entertain a new kitten, having cat toys on hand is a must, not only for kitty’s sake, but for yours. Enjoy hours of fun playing with your cat with a variety of different cat activity toys meant for different purposes. From catnip mice that are sure to invigourate and relax kitty, to laser pointers that are great for dogs too, there are a wealth of choices at your disposal.

For Exercise

Since it’s not common to walk a cat on a leash or to engage with them in outdoor play, it’s important to make sure kitty gets exercise, especially as he or she gets older. Some of the best ways to do this include fun cat toys made just for exercise. Choose from activity toys such as balls, or opt for cat teaser toys to get kitty swatting and moving in attack mode.

For Play

It’s always a good idea to have cat toys around just for fun, as well. Your cat may enjoy everything from pretend “birds” on a stick, to balls with bells inside, which are especially fun to chase along the floor. Catnip mice or non-catnip mice are often a hit as well.

For Stimulation

Stimulation, play, and exercise often go hand in hand, but one of the best ways to get kitty’s attention is with a cat laser pointer toy. He or she may spend hours chasing the red dot. Not only is this fun for your cats and enjoyable for you, it also gives your feline friend plenty of exercise and entertainment. Choose from several different types of laser pointers for a day of fun and play.

Other Cat Accessories

It’s always a good idea to have some cat supplies and accessories on hand along with your toys. If you’re just in the beginning stages of acquiring a new kitten or cat, in addition to toys, you’ll need a food dish and water bowl, litter box and litter scoop at the bare minimum. You may also want to invest in puppy pads for training, and catnip to help stimulate kitty.