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Spoil Your Furry Friend with their Favourite Cat Treats

Just like humans, cats love the occasional treat. More than just a way to spoil your precious pet, cat treats can be used to help reinforce good behaviours. There are also many healthy treat options now available, which contain important vitamins and minerals.

The different types of cat treats

Your furry friend is spoilt for choice when it comes to treat options, with many different kinds available. Some of the main types of cat treats you will find include:

  • Raw treats: These are designed to indulge your cat’s inner lion. And, because they are less processed, they usually can contain higher levels of important nutrients.
  • Freeze-dried treats: These are designed to be given separately or added to a standard meal to make it extra special. Because of how they are prepared, they give the feel and smell of real meat – but without the mess!
  • Dental treats: These are designed to help clean your cat’s teeth while they chew on a delicious treat. Some may also help freshen your cat’s breath.
  • Joint health treats: These are specially formulated to support good joint health. As such, they can be a great option for older cats that are starting to have mobility issues

Choosing a treat your cat will love

In many ways, picking a cat treat is much like picking a treat for yourself. While you want something a little indulgent, you do not want it to be bad for them. With that in mind, it can be worth checking the calorie information for any treats you are considering.

If you are worried about adding extra calories to your cat’s diet, new cat toys can also be a great treat. Similarly, catnip and cat grass is a special treat your cat will love, but should not impact their diet or weight. Some new cat furniture or scratchers may even be appropriate, if you really want to spoil them,

When picking cat treats, you should also remember that they should be exactly that – treats. While you may want to get something that is good for them, they also need to enjoy it. As such, you may need to test out a few different treats to see which your cat prefers.