Cat Water Fountain

Taking care of our furry friends means purchasing cat dishes, feeders, and fountains that keep pets well fed and hydrated throughout the day. While there's nothing wrong with a traditional water bowl, there's just something cats love about lapping up moving water. That love of rushing water makes a cat water fountain even more appealing, and these options ensure your feline always has plenty of fresh water within paw's reach.

Classic Plastic

Lightweight and easy to clean, plastic cat water fountains are the most affordable option available. Automatic fountains come in a variety of sizes and designs, depending on how many cats you have that require refreshment. There are fountains that combine food along with water, and there are multi-height designs that let multiple pets drink at the same time. Choose from different colours and shapes to ensure the fountain fits into your existing home decor.

Chic Ceramic

Heavier than plastic and a bit more decorative, ceramic fountains elevate the look of your pet's feeding supplies, and the designs look contemporary and stylish. Easy to maintain and available in a variety of designs and styles, ceramic fountains are dishwasher-safe and range from small designs perfect for one pet, to larger options meant for multiple cat households.

Made of Steel

Durable and heavy-duty, stainless steel cat water fountains offer a sleek design aesthetic and a no-nonsense look. Choose a convenient 360-degree design that allows pets to drink from every angle, and keeps water flowing from spigots at the top. Elegant and dishwasher-safe, steel fountains stand the test of time, and resist spills while dispensing water noiselessly and smoothly. High grade steel works well for pets with sensitive skin and allergies, and it's a hygienic option for drinking.

Meow Maintenance

Since most cat water fountains run with the help of a charcoal filter, it helps to keep replacement filters on hand, as they require occasional replacement to keep your fountain running properly. Make sure the filters you purchase fit your specific fountain model. You may also want to invest in a mat to set the fountain on, just to catch any spills or drops before they hit the floor.