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Caterpillar workwear is made for the job site, keeping you cool, protected and comfortable from the start of the day to the end. Incorporating innovations like slip resistant technology and foam technology, Caterpillar boots are incredibly comfortable and seriously shock absorbing. The goal is something that will keep you safe and have you work at your best without having to worry about food, leg or back issues as a result of inadequate equipment. 

Construction sites all over are familiar with the Caterpillar work boots which are suitable for a range of industrial and service industries, with all the protective, practical and comfort features you know and trust from Cat. These boots are contoured to cradle and cup your foot, and are moulded for superior comfort for those on their feet all day. They have durable rubber heels and toe caps with steel toes for protection.

You will also be able to find a selection of Caterpillar clothing and accessories from pants and jackets to slimline casual shoes so you can stay safe in durable clothing no matter what your position on the job site is. 

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