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Cattle Prod

Trusty cattle prods

Get the show on the road with a huge range of cattle prods on eBay. Also known as wands, these are a great addition to your stash of livestock supplies and equipment in the barn. When youre moving your livestock to finer pastures, sometimes your animals need a bit of encouragement to keep moving forward. Cattle prods are used to deliver a brief shock with a small electric current, which encourages the animals to keep walking, thereby making the day more efficient and straightforward for everyone.

Different styles of cattle prods

The ideal size of handheld prod for you will depend largely on your preference and the species of animal that you work with. Long shafts allow you to reach an animal, without getting too close. Ideal for large animals such as cattle, you can keep a safe distance while using the wand.

Shorter prods are usually better for small animals, such as sheep or goats, and can conveniently be kept in your pocket. Shorter prods are also good for closeup work with large animals, such as the Hot Shot power mite. Weighing a measly 300g, this durable plastic prodder easily slips into your pocket for easy access.

Other handy features

Inbuilt LED lights are certainly helpful when you accidentally drop your prod in the dark, as youre whizzing back down the lane on a quad bike to feed out livestock hay. For optimal safety, your cattle prod should be waterproof and have a safety lock, so you cant accidentally turn on your wand.

Rechargeable or battery powered

You can make it easier to get up and go with a rechargeable version, as you never need to worry about having spare batteries lying around somewhere.

On the other hand, if youre more of the forgetful type, you could actually find your cattle prod uncharged and out of juice at the vital moment. In that case, a battery-powered prod may well suit you better. Whatever style you choose, both require very little maintenance.