Colourful Cattleya orchids

Cattleya orchids are widely regarded as some of the most beautiful orchids in the world. Delicate and elegant, theyre indigenous to areas of South America and thrive in hot and humid environments.

Orchids are an excellent and popular addition to your garden, or can even be grown in pots to bring a bit of exotic beauty to your home.

Fully grown Cattleya orchids

If youre really looking for something stunning to add to your garden or outdoor living space this year, then look no further than the huge array of Cattleya orchids available in this range. With such a vast number of colours to choose from you really will be spoilt for choice.

Perhaps striking yellows and reds are your kind of thing. If so, youll love the elegant and summery Tipmalee variety, complete with yellow outer petals and red insides.

Perfect on its own or easy to match in with other coloured varieties, this very old but extremely popular hybrid flowers into a large and superbly shaped bloom year after year. Growing to about 15 cm tall, its delightfully lightly fragranced too.

Or maybe you love the contrast of bright pinks and whites. In that case, the Blc Redland Blitz variety is definitely the one for you. A beautifully shaped bloom with cream coloured petals with lavender tips make this type of orchid a big favourite.

Cattleya orchid seeds

Why not develop your kids interest in gardening with a cute little Cattleya orchid to grow yourself from an orchid seed. You and your family can have fun guessing which colour your orchid is going to be, and the kids can learn all about how to plant and look after it too.

With watering and care, watch your little seed grow into a stunning and showy Cattleya orchid plant right before your eyes.

With such a great selection of beautiful Cattleyas to choose from, youll be able to brighten up your garden with as many or as few colours as you like with an orchid from this great range.