Protecting the iPhone 10 Max with Cases, Covers, and Skins

The iPhone XS is a useful device for many. Therefore, you'll want to make sure that you protect your device. There are plenty of cellphone cases, covers, and skins at affordable price points on eBay.

iPhone XS phone case materials

The iPhone XS phone case can be made of various types of materials. It can be made of silicon, leather, plastic, rubber, metal, tempered glass, or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which is a polyurethane and silicone combination.

Silicone cases tend to be offered at some of the lowest price points while the most expensive cases are those that are made of materials like genuine leather. A fashion-designed leather iPhone XS phone case will naturally cost more than one made of plastic or rubber.

Types of cheap iPhone XS cases

There are many types of iPhone XS cases to choose from, some of which include wallet cases, waterproof cases, wireless, batteries, and solar charging cases. Other well-known cases include standing cases, clip cases, bike cases, hybrid cases, and so on.

Purchasing preowned iPhone XS cellphone cases, covers, and skins

When you're looking for the most affordable cover options for your iPhone XS, you might want to consider preowned products. Preowned cases and covers can allow you to purchase cases and covers from name-brand manufacturers without having to pay the name-brand price. You can expect preowned iPhone XS cellphone cases and covers to show a bit of wear, but make sure they aren't cracked in a manner that will impede their function and purpose.

Differences between iPhone XS phone cases, covers, and skins

Protection and self-expression are the primary reasons to select either a case, cover, or skin. Although the terms are oftentimes used interchangeably, there are key differences between cases, covers, and skins, and understanding these differences can help you better select which one you need to get for your iPhone XS. The following are the main differences between iPhone XS phone cases, covers, and skins::

  • Covers - Covers offer heavy-duty protection; They're thicker than regular iPhone XS phone cases. Brands like Speck and Ottherbox manufacture these. Covers generally only go around the back of the phone, leaving the display or screen of the phone open to the elements.
  • Cases - Cases are protective enclosures that protect the iPhone XS from damages due to drops, water, or power loss. Lifeproof and Cell Ever are a couple of companies that offer these. Cases generally cover both the front and back of the iPhone to offer 360-degree protection.
  • Skins - Skins are thinner than cases with expressive designs to appeal to your personality. They offer light protection and are usually easily replaceable. Oftentimes people purchase skins solely for their aesthetic appeal rather than for protection.