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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Chargers and Cradles

One of the most dreaded sights to any mobile phone user is the flicker of a battery going dead. Eliminate this sad situation by always having Samsung Galaxy Note 3 chargers and cradles on hand. Chargers come in a variety of designs, making it easy for your to juice up at home or on the go, and it's necessary to ensure the charger you purchase is specific to your Note 3 for best results.

Up a Wall

A Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wall charger does exactly what it implies; it plugs into the wall. Most mobile phones come with a wall charger initially, but you may find yourself requiring more than one, or needing a replacement somewhere down the road. Wall chargers include one end that plugs into your phone and another end that plugs into a wall outlet for easy, portable charging. Cord length varies depending on your specific needs.

Rock the Cradle

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 charging cradles, also called docks or stands, allow you to charge your phone upright. They essentially work as a holder for your phone, so you can keep an eye on incoming calls and messages as your phone charges. There are two kinds of cradles. One requires a cable to plug into a computer or wall to charge, while the other is a wireless dock that charges without the use of cords or cables.

Welcome Mat

Easy to use and portable, charging mats and pads allow you to simply place your phone onto their surface and charge quickly and easily. You don't have to plug your phone into it charge it, and these chargers work fast. Just grab your phone from the mat when it's charged and ready to use. There are wired and wireless versions of charging mats, and the official Samsung brand of chargers is called Qi. Charging mats don't overcharge your phone, simply stopping power once your device charges up fully.

On the Road Again

It's unacceptable to be on a road trip and lose battery power. Car chargers step in to easily juice up your Note 3 on the go. Most car chargers plug into your car's lighter for power, while the other end plugs into your phone. Some chargers offer dual ports so you can power up more than one phone or device at a time, making them even more convenient. Brands to consider include Belkin and Anker.

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