Push your way past 100 with a new Centurion bike from eBay 

With more than 40 years of experience and the precision and efficiency of German engineering behind each and every bike produced, it's no wonder Centurion bikes have become popular in cycling circles around the world. With award-winning makes and models for everything from everyday urban exploration to traversing tough mountain trails, eBay's collection of hundreds of Centurion bikes online will have you in the saddle and ready to ride in no time. 

The joy behind the bike 

Centurion founder Wolfgang Renner started his company in 1976 with an emphasis on the joy behind the sport of cycling. If those riding his machines were to enjoy the experience themselves, the bikes had to be made with a happiness and verve that translated through. Combine this ethos with Renner's devotion to trialling his bikes on some of the world's most famous and toughest courses, and you've got makes and models that have stood the test of time and continue producing for riders all over. 

Such dedication to craft and continuous improvement for real-world riders in real-world situations is just one of the things that sets Centurion bikes apart from competitors. In addition to a strong stable of Centurion cycles, we've also got the bike helmets and bike accessories to keep your rides safe and smooth day after day. Find a fantastically designed new ride from Centurion and take care of the rest of your riding needs all in one swoop right here on eBay today.